Compound experts Melos and Inhol join their forces

Premium specialty and economic commodity compounds, integrated R&D team and lean manufacturing.

Melos GmbH in Germany and Inhol B.V. in The Netherlands have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to expand their delivery programs. By signing this agreement both companies will be able to market a wider range of compounds to the Wire & Cable industry. Through this new agreement Melos and Inhol intend to explore the synergies between the two companies in the field of compound technology and product development. Both companies have earned the trust of leading wire and cable manufacturers around the world. Together Melos and Inhol will utilize the MECOLINE brand name and harness a team of specialists to design, manufacture and market innovative MECOLINE compounds. Meanwhile, Melos has made investments in additional co-kneader technology to boost their compounding capacity, coming by the end of 2014.

Melos and Inhol will put major focus on designing premium green compounds that offer excellent properties. Improved economical use of compounds by application of social science will not only result in a safer world but will also stimulate savings of chemical and energy resources.  By offering non-corrosive and zero halogen solutions whilst meeting extreme performance and processability requirements, both companies have already made remarkable progress during the last few years. From now on a dedicated technical team headed by Mr. Marcus Hohlweck in Germany and Mr. Ron Goethals in The Netherlands will offer their customers high standard Technical Service, R&D support and General Support. ”Over the last years Melos has grown organically by supplying compounds to many customers across the world. Our modern production facilities allow us to manufacture numerous types of compounds to meet the demand of the Wire & Cable market. The new strategic alliance with Inhol B.V. will provide us with additional technology in the field of cross-linkable compounds. It is our objective to aggressively grow our wire & cable compound business around the globe and to further invest in state of the art manufacturing equipment, lean manufacturing systems and up to date R&D facilities” said Mr. Marcus Hohlweck, Business Unit Manager of Melos GmbH.

”We take pride in joining our forces with Melos GmbH. We are excited about the opportunity to have direct access to well-equipped R&D laboratories and manufacturing facilities for our European and Far East activities. The staff of Melos & Inhol does understand the business and together we will be able to provide our customers with adequate support in terms of product design, quality and delivery capabilities. As far as the market in the USA concerns, we will continue to have our compounds made at a few carefully selected compounding facilities as we have already done for more than a decade”,  added Ron Goethals, Director and co-owner of Inhol B.V.

Melos GmbH is a company with a rich history in manufacturing compounds for Wire & Cable and EPDM rubber granules for surfacing systems in the world of sports, leisure and commerce. Melos also manufactures massive volumes of premium bedding compounds that are halogen free and environmentally friendly. In Germany over 150 employees work on the 42.000 m² site of Melos in Melle, where warehouse, production, R&D laboratories, quality assurance and administration are located.

Inhol B.V. has been recognized as creative compound designer for almost 15 years. They market premium compounds to manufacturers of wire & cable and heat-shrinkable tubing. The heat-shrink activities include manufacturing technology & equipment. Over the years Inhol has become a trendsetter for custom made specialty compounds that meet international specifications.

Melle, 24.03.2014

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