NEMA WC 27500: Dual wall wire & cable constructions made of Mecoline RDX Compounds

Special Mecoline RDX Compounds are excellent concerning mechanical and chemical properties when used in wire & cable constructions, having a 150°C temperature rating. Certain wires and cables consist of an inner layer (primary insulation) of Mecoline I RDX 5233 and an outer layer (secondary insulation) of Mecoline IS RDX 5241 F. These cable constructions combine the outstanding physical and electrical characteristics of the radiation cross-linked polyalkene with the excellent mechanical and chemical properties of the radiation cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

The result is a dual-wall insulation system with a 150°C temperature rating, small in size, low in weight, and resistant to soldering irons and most solvents, fuels and lubricants. The wires and cables are highly flame retardant, do not melt, will not show cold flow, but are also very mechanically tough, generate low levels of smoke and show low corrosive gas generation. Wires and cables based on these compounds are easy to handle and can be installed using conventional tools.

These two high-quality compounds were originally developed for high-density, complex circuitry wiring and cables in aerospace and military applications. These two compounds now form the base of dual-wall wire and cable constructions used widely throughout the industry, in avionics, for satellites, aircraft, helicopters, ships, trains, in commercial and defence applications and offshore platforms where consistent and reliable performance is essential.

In many applications, dual-wall wire and cable constructions can offer a dimensional advantageous replacement for PVC/Nylon/glass braided wires and cables. These compounds can be used with products with tin or silver-plated conductors. Voltage ratings of 600, 1,000 and 2,500 volts can be achieved.

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