• Green Energy

    Inhol Cable Compounds are used in photovoltaic systems and wind power plants.

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  • Offshore and Shipboard

    Individually customized solutions for extremely heavy duty are our speciality.

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  • Marine, Defense and Aerospace

    We produce made-to-measure Cable Compounds for marine and offshore technology.

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  • Transport

    Inhol supplies a whole variety of Cable Compounds for use in transport and traffic.

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  • Automotive

    For the automotive industry, we produce Cable Compounds to customers' specifications. With a great deal of experience. And to perfection.

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  • Installation

    Inhol also produces Cable Compounds for use in installations. Do you know what we produce for households, industry and urban applications?

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  • General Applications

    Thermoplastic and cross-linkable compounds to meet international standards and requirements for household appliances like fridges or washing machines.

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Inhol is a leading supplier in the field of specialty compounds.

We develop formulations for Cable Compounds which are used in a whole variety of different applications. Our modern production facilities allow us to manufacture numerous compounds to customers' specifications. Our experience ensures a constant level of high quality,

and our products are designed to meet specified requirements acc. to the most common standards. Inhol Cable Compounds "made in Germany" are subject to stringent quality controls and are tested and certified by independent institutes.

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